Fairy Yardmother Landscape Design

by Kathy Oberg, Landscape Designer, Los Angeles, CA.

Thank you for visiting my site. I enjoy bringing you pictures of gardens, plants, and ideas from sunny Southern California. I love sharing after-photos that show how my landscape plans, plant lists and layouts come to life.
As a designer, I use plants to create drama, provide color and form, and compliment the architectural style of your home.
I strive to provide a buffer from sun, street, and neighbors while still fostering connections.
Inspired plant choices and site layout can make any space a success.
I am a Certified Watershed Wise Professional, with techniques to improve soil health and keep more water on your property.
I can help you makeover your patio, paths, planting areas, or entire property. I will consult with you, choose a look you love, and compose a plan and plant list to update your landscape, re-using what you already have wherever we can.
Each project is different because it is about making your space really shine.


Kathy Oberg, Landscape Designer,  fairyyardmother[at]gmail[dot]com
Creating spaces that people enjoy takes great Design. Smart plant choices, appropriate materials, good layout, and flow are essential elements of a great landscape. Kathy will help you define and achieve your vision for your yard, garden or patio. She can greatly increase your curb appeal on a budget. She shops smart, focusing in on the changes that will make the biggest impact. She strives to reuse all she can in the existing landscape and to use recycled materials like broken concrete or tree stumps when appropriate.

Kathy is a G3 Certified Watershed Wise Landscape Professional. She uses techniques that increase soil health and keep more water on the property.

The transformation of your landscape begins with meeting at your property. Expect a one to 1.5 hour brainstorming session and discussion of your objectives. Kathy will ask questions about your property, goals, concerns and your budget. Most importantly she will get a sense of your style and the changes that will make you happy with your garden every day.
Kathy takes notes, photos and measurements and returns to her office to begin work on the concept and the plant palette. On significant projects, she will meet with you again with a rough concept and you will help her hash out all the details. On smaller or more straight-forward projects, she will return with a finished layout and detailed plant list.
The next step is to get a bid or bids for the project from a landscape contractor with the plan in hand. Kathy is usually present throughout the whole process, from composing the plan to the final touches as the landscape is installed.

Kathy Oberg has studied plants and landscape design for over 10 years. Her clients include avid gardeners and homeowners who know nothing about gardening.

Services offered include:
  • Assist you in completing your landscaping project from start to finish.
  • Define the style that appeals to you and compliments the architecture of your home. 
  • Recommend plants and trees to fit your style and thrive at your site.
  • Recommend materials.
  • Prioritize the improvements that will impact your space the most.
  • Help you remove your lawn and replace with drought-tolerant plantings and permeable paving.
  • Sketch out plans.
  • Obtain plants.
  • Obtain materials.
  • Plan out lighting.
  • Facilitate your installation by being on site with an independent Landscaping Crew.
  • Create one-of-a-kind objects for your space like Fairy Yardmother's Custom Birdbaths.
"My mission is to design wonderful outdoor spaces that make my client's dreams come true. I love to help people create their perfect garden."