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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DIY Bird Bath Thrift Store Edition

A recent client, who was a lot of fun to work with, wanted the feel of an English Cottage Garden around her patio, so I brought in some Apple Blossom Penstemons, White Salvia greggii, Yarrow, Bearded Iris, Heuchera and Mallow. This spot is a bit difficult because much of it gets the Western sun in the afternoon, especially in the Spring and Summer, but more shade during the winter. The plants I chose can take sun and part shade, and so far they are doing quite well.

I saw this purple glass bowl at a thrift store along with the glass and metal candlestick I used as a stand, and created this bird bath to go with the planting. I replaced the metal rod in the center of the base with a longer, thicker one, and was able to sink that into the soil about 2 feet.

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  1. i love your resourcefulness in making this bird bath! one of my favorite things is watching birds splash around a little pool of water!