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by Kathy Oberg, Landscape Designer, Los Angeles, CA.

Thank you for visiting my site. I enjoy bringing you pictures of gardens, plants, and ideas from sunny Southern California. I love sharing after-photos that show how my landscape plans, plant lists and layouts come to life.
As a designer, I use plants to create drama, provide color and form, and compliment the architectural style of your home.
I strive to provide a buffer from sun, street, and neighbors while still fostering connections.
Inspired plant choices and site layout can make any space a success.
I am a Certified Watershed Wise Professional, with techniques to improve soil health and keep more water on your property.
I can help you makeover your patio, paths, planting areas, or entire property. I will consult with you, choose a look you love, and compose a plan and plant list to update your landscape, re-using what you already have wherever we can.
Each project is different because it is about making your space really shine.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Traditional (Climate-Appropriate) Front Garden

AFTER DETAIL 6 months after planting

This was a fun project in a wonderful area of Pasadena. The house was lovely, but the landscape had not been updated in many years, and there was absolutely no buffer from the street.
The changes we made have had huge impact, even though it's only been six months since we planted.



Planting four Crape Myrtle Trees along the sidewalk created a boundary along a rather busy intersection. I will try to catch them in bloom in a couple months!


The Daylillies are just beginning to bloom, and everything is starting to fill in. When the trees grow larger, there will be even more privacy from the street.



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